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Garden State Concrete Coatings has more than eight years worth of experience in the concrete coating industry. Through those years, we have acquired skills and knowledge that guarantees top quality work and long-lasting results. We partner with our customers in New Jersey making sure that they are well-informed, on track, and satisfied with our products and installations.
Every property we are hired to prepare and coat is treated as our own. We arrive on time, stick to the schedule agreed upon, and make sure that we have a plan when unexpected situations arise. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly. We try to work in the least invasive way possible.


More than 8 years of experience resurfacing, refinishing, and repairing concrete surfaces in New Jersey and Staten Island, NY has increased our knowledge and honed our skills. We guarantee top quality solutions that have been tested and applied through the years. Garden State Concrete Coatings is licensed and certified in residential and commercial concrete coatings, licensed and certified in residential and commercial specialty floor coatings.



We don’t just use one type of products. We make sure that the products we use can deliver results that you expect for lost lasting results. We have tested each of our systems for durability, longevity, and your productivity. If we don’t trust it to use in our facilities, we won’t use it on yours. Every customer expects “green” low-odor and low-VOC floor coating products for indoor installations. New coating technologies are now available to create high quality, low-odor industrial grade coating applications. There are contractors that specialize in floor coatings that offer a selection of these products. We offer a selection of low-odor, low-VOC products that are designed for interior installations.

If you are considering a new floor coating in your basement, kitchen or living room, make sure that your professional installer uses a green, low-odor, low-VOC product. You’ll get an aesthetically stunning floor that’s durable for years to come. Besides that, you’ll have the added benefit of a cleaner and healthier living space.



We only employ team members who have what it takes to guarantee work that is nothing short of outstanding. They are thoroughly trained in all of our systems and updated when something better is developed to enhance the services we provide.



We serve to all types of customers with different price points. Our price points are fair and competitive. We will make sure that we review each step and explain each detail that comprises the overall cost. Our family of customers deserve cost transparency.

Company Mission

Garden State Concrete Coatings is a leader in New Jersey and is dedicated to providing the highest-quality coating system products and services to our customers. We want to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through exceptional performance. Garden State Concrete Coatings has worked hard to acquire the expertise that we are so known for today.

Professional Equipment

Professional contractors that specialize in the installation of epoxy coatings know the importance of concrete preparation. This step is crucial to the installation of high-quality concrete coatings.
It’s all about concrete surface profile or CSP. For any coating product to properly bond to the substrate, the concrete needs to be textured or profiled. It needs to be rough. Smooth concrete just doesn’t provide the proper profile to accept a coating or stain. A smooth surface will have a CSP rating of 1, while the roughest surfaces, are rated a CSP of 10.
Multiple methods of concrete preparation can be used to allow coating to adhere properly, from low-pressure power washing and acid etching…to aggressive grinding and shot blasting. Low pressure power washer and acid etching produce a minimum profile. Not good enough for long-term bonding of your newly applied coating. Conversely, surface grinding and shot blasting produce high CSPs which are preferred for the purpose of epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic applications. Ensure your contractor is using an appropriate method of preparation to profile the concrete.

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For home and business owners who have concrete surfaces, a layer of a high-quality coating can instantly make it more durable and visually pleasing. An epoxy coating is a mixture of a resin and hardener. This is poured out onto a well-prepared concrete surface and spread with a roller. The result is a tough and durable surface that is resistant to most types of damage. This coating can be customized with various amounts of multi-colored vinyl chips if desired.